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At Sliding Doors Entertainment, we are passionate about bringing the world’s most captivating live touring musical and theatrical productions to audiences across the globe. Since our establishment in 2015, we have curated an impressive portfolio of iconic shows, from Broadway and West End sensations, internationally acclaimed ballet performances and mesmerising Cirque du Soleil spectacles to Asia Concerts and Fan Meets. Beyond our theatrical endeavours, we also collaborate with property developers to integrate entertainment strategies into future developments and conduct extensive market research to drive innovation in the industry. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to entertaining audiences throughout the Asia Pacific region, Sliding Doors Entertainment continues to set the stage for unforgettable experiences.


8th – 9th June 2024

Drum Tao Taiwan

11th – 12th June 2024

Hà Anh Tuấn Live Concert – Sketch A Rose

28th – 30th June 2024

Liang Haiyuan – The Man in the Corner 2

19 July 2024

Adia Chan Live in Singapore

26th – 28th July 2024

Drum Tao Singapore